Veepstakes: A Look at Bob McDonnell

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Continuing our focus on possible running mates for Governor Romney, we look at Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia and analyze where he stands on tech issues. Bob McDonnell was elected as Virginia’s governor in November 2009, after serving seven terms in Virginia’s House of Delegates, and four years as the state’s Attorney General.

Governor Bob McDonnellGovernor McDonnell recognized that incentivizing innovation is crucial, particularly in a state with a significant and growing presence of technology firms.  In early 2011, he signed into law a bill that establishes an R&D tax credit in Virginia.  The Governor worked with the legislature to appropriate $6 million this year for the Commonwealth Research Commercialization Fund, a program that supports technology-based research, development, and commercialization.  Through the Governor’s efforts, the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) in Virginia received $4 million to make seed-stage equity investments in Virginia-based technology companies that are deemed to have high-growth potential. 

Governor McDonnell championed policies that promote STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education.  He created the “Virginia First” program, which doubles the number of STEM academies in the state, puts in place a VATeach initiative to increase the number of qualified STEM teachers in Virginia, and provides more opportunities for women and minorities to take STEM classes.  Additionally, as part of the Governor’s “Opportunity to Learn” education agenda, $600,000 in awards will be granted to those who pursue a career teaching a STEM-related subject.  Speaking of his education initiatives in a February 2012 speech, the Governor stated, “Our goal is to create 100.000 new degrees . . . A lot of focus for these new degrees will be on STEM.”

The Governor has also been a proponent of using innovative technology to increase America’s energy independence.  According to his website, he “will establish Virginia as a Green Jobs Zone to incentivize companies to create quality green jobs . . . and build SMART Grids and SMART Buildings to improve energy reliability and affordability.”  On the issue of trade, the Governor promoted Virginia as a destination for foreign investment, and has been on six overseas trade missions, commenting, “It is so critical, in today’s global economy, that we are telling the Virginia story not just to businesses across the United States, but also to companies around the world.”  Governor McDonnell has been very active on the issue of cybersecurity, pushing for cybersecurity businesses to set up shop in Virginia, while promoting cyber R&D in the state’s universities and creating a National Center of Cyber Excellence.

The Governor’s tech credentials have not gone unnoticed by Virginia’s tech community.  The Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) endorsed him for Governor in the 2009 election, affirming that “McDonnell has a consistent history of working closely with our technology industry and will build on his record of developing and supporting Virginia’s technology initiatives and on his long-term commitment to business development in the Commonwealth.”

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  • Steve Fri., September 6, 1:41 PM
    Oh please the play is ouboivs. In Northern Virginia the angle will be that money that could have been used to lower tolls in that region is being wasted on a pet project for the Governor, and Bobby Scott represents many of the neighborhoods in an uproar over the tolls across Hampton Roads. He will say the same those TTF dollars should have come to my district. It has nothing to do with POTUS but you will hear this drumbeat as we pick a G-O-V-E-R-N-O-R. Nobody cares about the wetlands this will be regional suspicions and jealousies whipped to a frenzy, in other words, standard Virginia politics. Might also become yet another issue against several of the Republican congressmen, although I don't see how. Certainly you can't expect Forbes or Riegel to oppose something the Port of Virginia believes in. Don't forget the tax credit package that the Governor fought so hard for last couple of sessions to create incentives for warehouses and other investments related to the port in the same region this road will run through. There is a plan. It might not work but there is a plan. [url=]nqwmrxaiga[/url] [link=]varabdx[/link]
  • Osama Tue., August 27, 4:40 AM
    What about the three way race heating up in NY23?Owens (D)Scazzaporo (R)Hoffman (I)Its a spaecil election to replace the incumbent who took an Obama post.The two party machines are backing the D &R, But the R is so liberal that the conservatives are backing Hoffman. Palin threw in behind him. [url=]xdamikzh[/url] [link=]pynciqg[/link]
  • Marta Sun., August 25, 9:35 PM
    Mr. local,By saying dem will win = you hate gop isnt even close to the point.My only point is that if you want to cotuinne to criticize Moran and want him out do something about it. While many of us real GOP'ers are working for the cause you and this blogger sit here and whine. Everyone knows it's a tough fight to defeat Moran almost impossible, but instead of giving up and criticizing Murray at ever step, give some credit where credit is due. Not once does this site ever mention any of the positives of the campaign. We all know there have been missteps here and there but there has also been a lot of good. So criticize if you like, just be fair (by getting the facts straight to start) and mention the good stuff as well. Educate your readers dont play down to them like the rest of the press, unless of course you have other motives which I'm sure is the case anyway. Your readers are stupid they see right through you and your agenda. Just offering some balance your readers since you wont.
  • Serli Sun., August 25, 5:46 AM
    No one is cheerleading, just prneesting the other side of the story that you local gop and this blogger refuse to acknowledge. You harp on every mistake that image (some completely false). We can all see that you are a Moran backer just on this site to make waves, so have you fun and we'll continue to keep you all in check.Dont fool yourself that just because this area lives off the federal government that they want to keep draining the bank dry. We all care about our kids futures and pork needs to stop. There is a lot of legitimate spending but also a lot of foolish spending and thats what you and Moran dont get. Murrays platform is really simple, spend within your budget. The 8th district is very well off and doesnt need half the earmarks Moran gets. Let that money go to area in real need. Stop being such a selfish person and worrying only about me.I cant remember the last time you or this blog had an honest political discussion. Anytime someone disagrees you attack. It's that type of politics people are fed up with.And no offense your analogy is poor. No one is yelling at the grass, we're trying to prevent the front yard from becoming a forest and sometimes you have to do something about it yourself without the help of the government.Sorry if you cant handle the truth but we cant just let you guys fly off the handle and not be correct.Win or lose at least there is a large number of people in this district actually trying to make a difference.
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