Veepstakes: A Look at Chris Christie

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The next candidate in our Veepstakes series is Garden State Governor, Chris Christie.  Governor Christie began his career as a lawyer in New Jersey, before his appointment as New Jersey’s Attorney General in 2001. In the 2009 gubernatorial election, Christie defeated incumbent John Corzine 48.5 percent to 44.9 percent.

Governor Chris ChristieThe tech community is a keen supporter of a lower corporate tax rate, investment incentives like the research and development (R&D) tax credit, and transition to a competitive, market-based tax system. The Simpson-Bowles Commission backed both of these policies, and Governor Christie applauded its proposals, saying that they were “largely the right way to go.”  In New Jersey’s 2012 budget, the Christie Administration doubled the state’s R&D tax credit, hoping to boost tech’s presence in the state.  Governor Christie also doubled the budget for the Technology Business Tax Certificate Transfer program, from $30 million to $60 million.  This Program “allows unprofitable Technology and Biotechnology Businesses to turn their tax losses and credits into cash to buy equipment or facilities, or for other Allowable Expenditures.”

The Governor has not addressed the issue of high-skilled immigration specifically, but has acknowledged the need for “a common sense path to citizenship.”  Governor Christie has also highlighted the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education, and the need for more STEM-qualified teachers. In a 2011 interview, Christie said, “We have to incentivize people to become science and math teachers. We gotta pay them more.”  The New Jersey Governor also has underlined his energy credentials, with his website stating that he “has outlined an energy policy for the state of New Jersey that emphasizes in-state production of renewable and traditional energy sources to create a stronger economy and jobs.”  In July 2012, Governor Christie signed into law legislation aimed at boosting the state’s solar energy sector, commenting, “Renewable energy not only helps meet our goals of increasing sustainability and protecting the environment, but can be an engine for economic growth and the creation of good-paying jobs for the people of our state.”

Governor Christie also has actively pursued foreign investment, welcoming FDI (foreign direct investment) totaling more than $1.4 billion during his first year in office. In February of this year, the Christie Administration signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese government aimed at promoting trade and investment. The Governor also was appointed to the Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations (ACTPN) by President Obama, which provides trade policy advice to the federal government. In addition, Governor Christie has sought to improve his state’s technology infrastructure, helping New Jersey to win a $40 million federal grant for the state’s Office of Information Technology's Broadband Network Project.  The project is aimed at improving the technological capacities of New Jersey’s first responders and police force. 

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  • Humberto Fri., September 6, 2:00 PM
    what really wrieors me is that it's not just the 9 BOE member but also the 5 committee, I believe that the public should have the right to vote on the school budget as well as the township(we don't now) ..has anyone ever gone to a budget meeting? they talk in riddles, and what is discussed in the hearing is not what ends up in the budget ..the other thing that bothers me is that on a school budget you see that we are spending ${esc.dollar}${esc.hash}${esc.hash} on something and that if during the school year we don't or we need money in another area they have to let the public know about the line item transfer, this is due to the public voting on the budget as is this also gives voice to where the resident want to spend it's money-(book/teachers/sports/building) moving it to November we loose our voice on this. [url=]zwtefjzac[/url] [link=]nkeafgfb[/link]
  • Wijda Fri., September 6, 12:54 PM
    You know what's really irattriing? Instead of financing the education of our own citizens, we're more interested in financing the destruction (and reconstruction!) of multiple foreign countries.When it comes to guns and butter, I think we're almost out of butter [url=]xcpswzzp[/url] [link=]jukvvg[/link]
  • Wack Thu., August 29, 1:55 PM
    I would like to answer your suervy 1.Did you know that Governor Christie signed a bill allowing school boards to move their elections to November?Yes, because I actually read the newspapers and watch the news.2. Did you know that you will not be able to vote on a school budget if it at or below the 2% cap imposed by Governor Christie?Yes, and the cap was imposed by the full legislature and signed by Gov. Christie.3. Did you know that the Board of education took away your right to vote on a school budget?No because they didn’t. This bill was almost not signed by Gov. Christie because it was not MANDATORY, instead it gave the option. The state legislature and Gov. Christie took away the vote on the budget if the increase is below the 2% cap.4. Do you trust your school board to make decisions without your opportunity for input?I believe that the board of education has two meetings a month that allow public input twice per meeting. So that is four opportunities for the public to give the board input.By the way there are 2 s's in dissipation.Just saying ..JS
  • Siti Thu., August 29, 6:59 AM
    While this seems to be a smart move on behalf of the BOE, it may even be a smertar move for the community. Now that we have our new superintendent, you can bet your bottom ${esc.dollar}${esc.dollar}${esc.dollar} that Ms. Martinez has/will scrutinize this budget and reline the ${esc.dollar}${esc.dollar}${esc.dollar} to the appropriate areas, THE CHILDREN!!!In addition to that, the County Superintendent’s Office must approve it. Since the County Superintendent gave her report to the BOE in December and she seen the actions of this board, you know darn well she will not just sign off on this budget. So the “good ole boys” will not have any/much input for their political appointments, nepotism and WASTEFUL spending habits anymore!!! So yes, KUDOS to the BOE for allowing our school budget to be a real school budget for the children and not for favors and kickbacks!!!!Stay tune more to come, the first budget work session is on Saturday, 2/4 (8:00 a.m. if you are interested in watching the boys cry)!!! Ms. Martinez get ready for your fight and stand your grounds!!!! The day of reckon has arrived!!!!
  • Calfonia Mon., August 26, 9:53 PM
    yes .things that make you go hmmmmmmm. Was tklniag ot the wife toninght about that very same thing. The money . A lot of money is being floated around out there. You're right. Where does it go, that that isn't used? Termi limits, a reduction in salary works for me ..Another thign, all this money is being raised to send this one or that one to office but can't a damn dime be raised to repair our bridges, keep medicare and social security afloat, things for the American people ..I'm just saying .
  • Avon Mon., August 26, 3:02 PM
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  • Gheorghe Sun., August 25, 7:57 AM
    To Mike Steele I sent you some answers to the Bordentown City School Board qioituennasre and you took just the facts and turned it into a well rounded paragraph. Mike , thank you for doing such a fine job. Your article did a lot to clarify may issues.Ellen Wehrman
  • Ahmed Sat., August 24, 9:41 PM
    Thank you Jay. It's very interesting how the Dem party has satrted to turn their backs on labor. But most glaring with the teacher's unions. Arne Duncan is another Milton Friedman disciple. It's no mystery why Obama himself refers to Reagan as the most transformative politician in the last 30 years. That should've been our biggest red flag when he said that.
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